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Welcome to Mach Power Point Pumps India Private Limited Incepted in the year 2004, our company "Mach Power Point Pumps India Private Limited", was designed with a vision to trade, supply, export and wholesaler in the Industrial Pumps. The range of products which we offer are Industrial & Chemical pumps , Pressure Booster pumps , Automatic pressure control pumps , Magnetic drive pumps , LPG pumps , Vacuum pumps , Hand pumps , Engine driven pumps , Mono block pumps , Centrifugal pumps , Hydraulic gear pumps ,Barrel Pumps , Coolant Pumps , Solar Pump , High Pressure pumps , Gear Pumps , Gear Oil Pump, Oil Transfer Pump, Helical Gear Pump, Double Helical Gear Pumps, Stainless Steel Gear Pump, Internal Gear Pumps , Back Pullout Pumps ,Stainless Steel centrifugal Pump , S S Pumps , Stainless Steel Pumps , SS Gear Pump , Chemical Pumps , Dairy Pump , Milk Transfer Pump , Hygiene Dairy Pumps , Fuel Transfer Pumps , DC Diesel Transfer Pump , Diesel Transfer Pump , Explosion Proof Fuel Pumps , Diesel Transfer Pump , Shower Panel Pressure Pumps , Vacuum Pumps , Direct Driven Vacuum Pump , Monoblock Vacuum Pump , Mechanical Pump Seal , Swimming Pool Pumps , Polypropylene Ball Valves , Electromagnetic Flowmeter , Diaphragm Pumps , Air Operated Diaphragm Pump , Hydraulic Pumps , Hydraulic Gear Pump, Dowty Pumps , Dowty Hydraulic Pumps etc. From the beginning till now, we have been to establish ourselves as an excellent provider of solutions related to water pumps and other related machineries. We source these products from vendors who are focused in delivering superior quality and are committed towards meeting customer satisfaction. The vendors from whom these products are acquired follow industry standards and keeping the quality measures in concern uses authentic materials for the making of these products. We are exporting our pumps across the globe to bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Africa & middle east, Europe among. These vendors are backed by the latest technology and innovative machineries, which help them in producing a high standard range of pumps. Our offered pumps are easy to install and are available with multiple features and it consumes less energy and is water and corrosion resistant. The coil and wire used in them are of superior quality which make it durable. Our store showcases all the range. We offer from where the consumer can pick the one as per their need and requirement. We are known for supplying them to our clients where they want us to, all our products come with exclusive and friendly service. Procured from certified vendors. Our products are of high excellence and have gained recognition in the industry because of its superior functioning.

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Our positive displacement screw pumps are meant for handling highly viscous liquids.Available in single screw pumps & double screw pumps these pumps are used in wide variety of applications.
Our positive displacement screw pumps are meant for handling highly viscous liquids.Available in single screw pumps & double screw pumps these pumps are used in wide variety of applications.
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DC Diesel Transfer Pumps
DC Diesel Transfer Pumps INR 0 INR We are one the well-known suppliers and wholesalers of DC Diesel Transfer Pumps. The offered direct current diesel transfer pump is made from cast iron. Our supplied direct current diesel transfer pump is an ideal choice for pumping diesel fuel and machine oil. The offered direct current diesel transfer pump is easy to install and operate. Features: Corrosion resistant Equipped with bypass valve Longer functional life Other Details: Available in 12 and 24 and 230 AC Voltage versions provide with 3/4” threaded connectors on the pump body Switch box and fuse carrier, reinforced base complete with power cables and pincers for connection to terminal strips Applications: Ideal portable pump for diesel fuel, machine oil As the primary system on earthmoving machinery On mobile fuel pumps on vehicles, such as paving machine,tractor, road roller,etc or in construction yards True 1477732931
Stainless Steel Pumps
Stainless Steel Pumps INR 0 INR We are one of the widely acclaimed traders, suppliers and wholesalers of Stainless Steel Pumps . The offered stainless steel pumps are commonly used for transporting the liquids through the conversion of rotational kinetic energy to hydrodynamic energy. Our supplied stainless steel pumps are available at very affordable market selling price. Features: Resistant to chemicals Turbomachinery Longer serviceability Wartrenty Clauses And Precaution: The chemical resistance and material selection information is base on “Powerpoint” laboratory tests, field testing programs and general date from industrial source. it should be used as a guide in the selection of pump materials. Suitable for the applicant should be deter mind by actual use and is the full responsibility of the customer No warranty , expressed or complied can be extended by “Powerpoint” pumps where failure caused by chemical attack on pump materials Temperature , aeration , concentration and other factors may be change the effect of the specific fluid caused by pump materials Date shown is based on the result s at ambient temperature unless otherwise noted There is no warranty on mechanical seal , bearing, capacitor and winding Warranty is for material of construction mentioned and on performance only ( tested for water only differs by S.G and viscosity) Very Importance Notice: Warranty is only for material of construction and performance No warranty on seal, motor winding, bearing and capacitor Check direction of rotation before starting Do not run pump dry otherwise seal may get damaged Put pressure gauge at delivery out let and valve and maintain minimum pressure (head) of pump mentioned on the name plate Always keep stand by pump if pump is for continuous duty ( critical duty) Pump is tested with fresh clear cold water only. So with different specific gravity and viscosity will affect performance of pump Keep sr no of pump safely and always mention model no & sr no while asking for spares Location: The site must be damp proof well ventilated and be as close to the source of liquid as practicable the pump set should be easily be accessible The liquid level should stand within the suction capacity of the pump Foundation & Erection: The direct coupled pump set is mounted on base plate A rigid foundation of R.C block of length and breadth at least 6 inches greater than that of the base plate has to be erected, being properly leveled , with the foundation, the alignment of the pump and the motor has to be checked Piping: Use one bigger size in suction line. Using a smaller diameters pipe will reduce the output water Do not use coir ropes for pipe joint, use Teflon tape or white lead Use a good quality foot valve at type bottom of the suction pipe for pumps. The foot valve must be 50 mm above the bottom surface of the tank. Extra pipe connection to pour water priming Fix the strainer in suction side Fix the valve in suction side. A gate valve and pressure gauge before vlave on delivery side is a must Pipe line should be independent supported . when joining to the pump flanges no strees should be transmitted to the pump body All the joints must be absolutely air tight Use of elbow and short bend should be avoided True 1472112715
Rotary Gear Pumps
Rotary Gear Pumps INR 0 INR Rotary gear pumps are meant for clear viscous liquids.These are single & double helical types & available in many manterials of constructions like Cast Iron,SS316,Investment casting SS(CF8M) etc. True 1472120295
ACID CIRCULATING PUMPS INR 0 INR "POWERPOINT" Acid Circulating pumps are meant for sulphuric acid,Nitric acid,HCL,Muratic acid & many other acids.These pumps are available in various materials of construction like polypropylene,pvdf,alloy-20,Investment casting(CF8M) & & Others True 1472120447
METERING DOSING PUMPS INR 0 INR Metering Dosing pumps are of different types like plunger type,mechanically actuated diaphragm type,hydraulically actuated diaphragm dosing type,Electronic Dosing Pumps. True 1472120622
MECHANICAL SEAL INR 0 INR mechanical Seals are available in various materials of construction & many different sizes suitable for all the industrial & chemical pumps. True 1472120718
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